Monday, April 20, 2009

The Getty and Lacma

So, back on 4/4 Jon and I went to go get some culture for the day. We started off at The Getty museum and it was beautiful saw some great works of art from Van Gogh and we spent about 4 hours there. After lunch(I love Zankou) we headed over to Lacma and spent aroudn 3 hours there and saw some pieces from Picasso that were amazing. We ended up meeting up with Jon's friend Joe afterwards and had some Korean BBQ...yummy like always!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hockey on Sundays!

So, these 2 past Sundays I was invited to watch some hockey games and I would never turn down hockey tickets...let alone any tickets. Anyways, 3/29 got to go see the Avs. vs. Ducks and the Ducks ended winning 4-1...not as much action as I thought there would be. This past Sunday got to go see the Sharks vs. Ducks and the Sharks ended up winning 3-2...great game with some big hits and watching the bandwagon leave early like always.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Once a month...

So, I use to be able to update my blog pretty it just seems that I can only get to it once a month with work and everything else(don't know what the everyting else is!) Anway back in the way back machine and on 3/8 I went and saw the Wild vs. Ducks and the Ducks lost in OT was very nice.

Back to the present work has been picing up with the lunch's and meetings which is good to keep me busy. My family from Chicago left about a week ago now and I swear everytime they are out here we try to fit evey little thing in and I think I got a total of 13 hours sleep while they were out here for the week. Don't get me wrong I love when they come out but, it's always a shoot gun week when they are out! It's weird being 33 b/c I don't feel that old but, I need to get moving in some sort of direction with life!?! I have to start on my cousins website for her wedding that's next Feb. 2010 which will be crazy! I went and saw Slipknot/Coheed & Cambria/Trivium at the new Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario with Dave. That concert was rad, I lost my voice and i was sore(damn getting old!) . I also have Rise Against/Rancid/ Billy Talent and the Forum in July with my buddy Jon that will be pretty cool since I have not been to the Forum since the Kings left for Staples. Anyways, lets see if I can get here more often to ramble on and on and on...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, today is a bit crazy because I have to set up for the Life Science Group party that goes from 5-9 tonight. I got the Bristol Farms coming around 3:30 and just have to set up the alcohol and Big Canyon classroom style. I will be glad when today is over because I have stressing out about this for some time now. Went out with Chris last night and ate at Corner Bakery at the Block of Orange(that whole place it's like one store after another is closing). After we picked up Cold Stone and went back to his place to watch Scrubs! I am going to the Ducks game tonight where they are taking on the Flames(Ducks won 3-2) which should be a good game. I guess I'm done rambling back!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little behind!!! 1/6/09 Kings vs. Ducks Round 2

So, since I have doing the work of 2 people at work now I can't get to blogging as much as I would like that's why I am a month behind and my 1st post in over a month. Back on Jan. 6 I got to go see my Kings take on the Ducks and I would never pass up on seeing my boys. We ended up losing 3-1 but, oh well...It's my Kings!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Motel Life

This past Saturday I went with my cousin and her fiance to this place in downtown Upland called The Wire. We saw Dave's cousins band, The Motel Life play and they were pretty good and there was a good crowd there to see them. After we went and ate at Corkey's(yummy!) and went back to my aunt's house and Dave and I were playing around on the computer and we went on the KROQ to find what concerts are coming out and we saw that Slipknot was playing Coheed & Cambria and we were like to 2 school girls and we had to go. So, we got tickets 3/10/09 at Citizens Bank Arena in the club level, section 104...hell yeah!!!

Ducks vs. Bandwagon!

Last Sunday on 12/14 I took Jimmy to the Ducks game vs. Wild(tickets I won) in the Club section. They were great seats and had a great time but, the Ducks still won 4-2. That following Tuesday 12/16 we went back to the pond to see the Rangers and it was a blast. There were more Rangers fans making noise then any of the bandwagon(I mean Ducks fans). The Rangers won that game 3-1, nothing like East Coast team coming in and showing what true hockey fans are!